Charlotte Barbarians Match Notes

Charlotte Barbarians @ Clayton: February 29, 2020

For the first time in a long time your Barbos took the field against a formidable and well experienced Clayton team in an away match that was sure to bring some fireworks. 
Both teams rely heavily on their pack to set the tone and keep the ball in their possession, and work towards putting points on the board. The game started with both teams in a stalemate, testing out the toughness of each player involved. The first strike came from Clayton from about 20 meters out with a nice insert from their 15 under the post. With a slotted kick the game was 7-0 in the first 10 minutes. 
After the quick score, your Barbos decided it was time to wake up and get to work. After a few set plays it became apparent which team had the better pack and who would dominate the day. The first try for your Barbos came off of a stolen scrum about 10 meters from the try zone within a few minutes of Claytons try. The stolen scrum lead to a pick and go by #9 Nick Naum that got us close and another quick pick by the capable hands of #5 Spense Cote with a supporting cast of #8 Big Mac and #1 Murphy Swancy for the Barbos first try of the afternoon, just outside of the posts! Slotted kick by #15 Ian Mueller made the score 7-7. 
Shortly after this the Barbos got in rhythm in the line outs. They won all but one of their own throw ins, but also stole close to 50% of the opposition lineouts on the day thanks to the lifting team of Props Murphy Swancey and Justin Fike along with the great showman in the air #7 Khali Jefferson. 
Very shortly after the first score your Barbos took the ball down and scored again. A nice set of phases and a quick inside ball from the backs to #6 Mike Harris saw a great individual run by Mike to dart the ball down for the second try for your Barbos! The kick after went wide and the score was now 12-7. Some great defensive performance and cool heads had to prevail for the next few minutes as both teams settled in and tried to work their game plans. Another stolen line out right outside of the 22 saw a great transfer of passes from #2 Shaquil Baker, #1 Murphy Swancy, #14 Joe Mitchell, and #15 Mikyle Carrick down the sideline getting the team to within 3 meters of the try. A quick ruck and a pick and go alone saw #1 Murphy Swancey put the ball down in the corner for another try! A difficult kick came screaming in from #13 Josh Shiosaky to put your Barbos up 19-7. Not to be outdone, the ensuing kick off went straight to the hands of #5 Spencer Cote who took the ball a good 20 meters in open space, with one man to beat it was an easy 2 on 1 situation and sucking the defender in #5 Spencer Cote off loaded to the quick and deceptively fast #7 Khali Jefferson, who went in untouched for another try! 
Soon after, the first half was over with your Barbos up 24-7. As the second half kicked off, both teams settled and were ready to grind it out til the end. The first strike of the second half came early from Clayton. Inside the 22 a kick through the defensive line to the try zone saw an easy tap down over the line and a missed kick. Score now being 24-12. Not 10 minutes later the same fate would befall your Barbos as another kick through the defensive line inside of the 22 left the ball alone in the try zone, and Clayton the ones to fall on it. Another missed kick after meant the score was now a more manageable 24-17 with your Barbos on their heels. Never deterred, the Barbos ended up getting a decent opportunity off of another stolen scrum that saw a well executed backline play to our captain #13 Josh Shiosaky for a 40 meter try! Missed kick means the score was now 29-17. 
Another few minutes go by and a kick to the #15 Mikyle Carrick in open play saw the bounce house open for business. He bounced off 3 defenders before completely obliterating his opposing #15 less than 5 meters away from the try line. Quick thinking by #12 Harrison Hargett allowed him to hop over the line for a quick score. Easy kick through now makes the score 36-17. About 5 minutes after this score the Barbos looked to pin Clayton inside of their 22. Many great tackles and good pressure caused a penalty at the 5 meter line going your Barbos way. An easy decision was made to give the ball to the biggest man on roster #8 Big Mac for an easy try after a solid pod from his fellow forwards. They were not to be denied this try as a squad. This sealed the fate in the 65th minute, with the Barbos playing smart defense and keeping ball in hand for the rest of the game. The final whistle resulted in a great 41-17 score, gaining the bonus point and keeping us toward the top of the standings for the quickly approaching playoffs!
Your Barbos are back in action on 3/21 against a tried and true Charleston Outlaws team that will be sure to bring a very special match to the Charlotte region. Also, this will be our Old Boys appreciation day and everyone is encouraged to come out as we celebrate over 10 years of Barbos pride in Charlotte.

Charlotte Barbarians @ Triad : February 1, 2020

The Barbos traveled up to Greensboro on a great day for rugby. Cooler weather and overcast skies made the conditions perfect for a great game for two hard hitting and equal paced teams. The game started as a stalemate with both teams looking to take advantage of mistakes the other made. Triad pushed hard and got your Barbos inside of their 5 meter line before a penalty gave the Barbos a little breathing room and helped start the ball rolling on offense. After a good series of play from the backs and a decent kick forward, Triad found themselves inside of their 5 meter and giving up a penalty. A quick tap and go and a couple phases later the Barbos were under the posts for a try by wing Matt Primm! Conversion was good by Ian Mueller and made the game 7-0. The game continued to be a harder hitting game with a lot of forward play from both teams. Triad with their hard running plays and the Barbos with their dominating size on the pitch began a back and forth that lasted 20 minutes or so. After a kick to touch around Triad’s 5 meter line, the Barbos line out was stolen. In the contact the ball was stolen by the Barbos #8, Big Mac and after a quick forearm and shove aside, the Barbos were over the try line again! Within 5 minutes the half was over with the Barbos up 12-0. The second half started very sluggish for the Barbos, poor tackling and bad spacing led to 2 tries under the posts in less than 10 minutes. With the tables turned very quickly, the Barbos looked to make a stand and work their way down field to get more points on the board. In the 60th minute a penalty kick was made by #10 Bobby Rae to make the score 15-14. Alas, it was not to be a very long lead as Triad scores one more time to put themselves up 19-15 with 8 minutes left on the clock. The Barbos on the field laid their hearts out and longed for the try line but were plagued by silly penalties and fitness that was left to be desired. After the final whistle the score was 19-15, a hard and heartbreaking loss for the Barbos, their first of the season. After this week, the Barbos set their sights on a home match against a formidable Fort Bragg team that is always good competition on 2/15. See you all then!
Forward of the Match- Murphy Swancey- PropBack of the Match- Matt Primm- Wing

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