2021 England & Scotland Tour

Is everybody happy? You bet your ass we are! Your Barbarians are planning a tour to Scotland and England in September of 2021 to include but are not limited to, 2 matches against local clubs from Edinburgh and Newcastle, a tour of the club that brought the world the great game of 7’s, and a professional match to watch in Newcastle! There are tons of other things to do that aren’t on the itinerary and are included for a small additional price to the original tour price. 4 nights in a private hostel in Edinburg and 4 nights in a hostel in Newcastle is sure to keep the comradery and shenanigans flowing for the players and participants. Upgrades include a 3-star hotel accommodation, extra tickets to a professional game in Edinburgh, a tour of Edinburgh castle and so much more. Start saving your pennies now and join us in our first pillage of the United Kingdom. More information to come with due dates, times, and official dates. There will be opportunities to work with the team to help sponsor your trip and help pay for itself.

For any opportunity for the club and its members to help work towards funding the trip, please contact our admins and we will be able to facilitate this! For sponsorships opportunities on the tour please contact Mikyle at carrickmikyle@googlemail.com

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